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Julie Hartgerink

Great article. I've posted this to my Facebook pages with the hope that it'll help people understand this issue.

Samuel Cohen

You know it's really, really bad when you agree with Bill O'Reilly. He has called for increased revenues, coming out against the Republican leadership.

Ugh. Time for a shower.

Not quite

It's a manufactured crisis, things that apply to your household budget don't apply to the nation since you don't own your own currency.

The compromise is probably going to involve continuing to grab money from FICA (by lowering SS and Medicare/caid payouts) and drop some small amount from social programs. Try not to get too apoplectic when that happens :)


Well thought out and nicely written. I'll be adding your blog to my daily reading rotation. Thanks Ed, for referring me!

Robert Ahrens

Nice to see someone point out the difference between the deficit and the debt. Too many people get those confused.

While the amount of the debt is a problem for the long term, running a deficit on an annual basis is actually the best strategy for getting out of a recession like we've got now.

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