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Ralph Lauren Jakke

The Bullock Pulpit: Calculated musings of a pragmatic idealist: The Politics of Irene


The Bullock Pulpit: Calculated musings of a pragmatic idealist: The Politics of Irene

Pam Bullock

I agree; "we're all in this together" can be an exploitable moment. I suppose "we're not going to make fun of you or block your efforts" is more realistic, especially given today's political climate in general.


And by the way, when you encounter people who argue the dangers of Irene were "hyped", send them here:


"Record flooding continues in the Northeast from Irene's torrential rains. Hardest hit was Vermont, where heavy rains in the weeks prior to Irene's arrival had left soils in the top 20% for moisture, historically. Irene dumped 5 - 8 inches of rain over large sections of Vermont, with a peak of 11.23" at Mendo. The reading from Mendo was the greatest single-day rainfall in Vermont's history, according to wunderground's weather historian Christopher C. Burt, beating the 9.92" that fell at Mt. Mansfield on 9/17/1999 during the passage of Tropical Storm Floyd. The 13.30" that fell on East Durham, NY during Irene was just shy of New York State's all-time 1-day rainfall record: 13.70" at Brewster on 9/16/1999, from Tropical Storm Floyd. "


The last time America had a great "we're all in this together" moment, unscrupulous wannabe tyrants exploited it ruthlessly, passed the Patriot Act, created the Homeland Security Department, created the TSA, and got us involved in two long-lasting, dreadfully expensive, and terribly ineffective wars.

I agree with most of what you have to say in this article, but I've become quite distrustful of "we're all in this together" moments, and I think I have good reason. I feel much less at risk when characters like Glenn Beck make obviously asinine and blatantly partisan maneuvers, than when nearly all of congress votes in favor of a "resolution to use force if necessary", on the grounds of keeping us "safe from terror".

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