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There is no need to fear a President Hillary Clinton

I have supported Hillary Clinton from nearly the beginning of her 2016 Presidential campaign. I know that I disappointed several people for not joining the #feeltheBern bandwagon, clamoring for more hope and change than President Obama ever promised; clamoring, in fact for a political revolution. Senator Sanders has proven to be a formidable and worthy opponent during the past several months, but barring an unforeseen disaster, the Democratic nominee will be Secretary Clinton. And despite the dismay of many Sanders supporters, this is not something to fear or detest. 

Hillary Clinton and her husband have been in the political spotlight and under the microscope for over 25 years. It frequently appeared that they were the Republican Party's favorite target. Any and all accusations were thrown at them, together and individually, with very little, if any, wrongdoing ever found. But that's a stressful way to live one's life. At any point after Bill Clinton left office, Hillary could have gone into the private sector and made her speaking fees (which were largely donated to charity, by the way) look like chump change. But she didn't. She weathered the attacks and stayed the course, and was elected twice to the Senate, and chosen by Barack Obama to be his first Secretary of State. This wasn't because she was "Teflon". This was because she was resilient, stood by her convictions, and knew her path lay in public service, regardless of the eggs thrown at her. And for those who would scream "Emails!" or "Benghazi!", I suggest you do some research into these investigations and educate yourself on how they became a witch hunt...and how several Republicans have admitted as much. 
Some claim that Secretary Clinton is too well connected to industry and a slave of the Washington establishment. News flash: politics is a team sport. Having colleagues in the Senate who respect and support the President is the prime prerequisite to getting laws passed. As for business connections, not every relationship is a quid pro quo. There are many government-industry partnerships, and big business should not be unilaterally written off as evil and unprincipled. 
Our Presidential primary and campaign finance systems are a mess, to be sure. But that is not the fault of Hillary Clinton. Her campaign has stayed within FEC rules, and there is no evidence of her making promises in exchange for campaign dollars. There is a time and place to change the primary and finance rules, and in the middle of a campaign is not that time. By all means, call for changes in the primary system and for campaign finance reform, but don't accuse Secretary Clinton of taking unethical advantage of a process she did not create and is not defying. And remember, a super PAC operates, by law, completely independently of the candidate; Clinton cannot be held responsible for the fact that she has several of them. 
Don't get me wrong. I actually believe in a lot of Senator Sanders' ideas.  But the United States is a ship too large to turn on a dime, and that is what some of his grand plans would require. In fact, our government was set up from the beginning for slow and controlled change. It's why we have checks and balances. It's why we have majority and not plurality rule.  Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to provide the "slow and steady" progress that this country has benefited from in many ways for the past eight years. We can change politics.  But not in a day. And only with a President who can build coalitions and relationships to make real change happen.  A President who is not wedded to big business, but knows how to work with its leaders. A President who is not going to fold under pressure and criticism, because she's heard it all already. A President who can admit mistakes and learn from them. A President like Hillary Rodham Clinton. 


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