If you think that voting Libertarian might be fun...

If you think that voting Libertarian might be fun...

I've heard several people who dislike the major party candidates for President�say that they�intend to vote for a third party candidate. I personally think this is�not a great�idea, for reasons best saved for another blog, but it is our Constitutional right to vote for the candidate we each deem best suited for the office.� Emphasis on best suited.

Gary Johnson, former New Mexico governor,�and his running mate William Weld, former governor of Massachusetts, are the 2016 Libertarian Party candidates. Johnson and Weld each certainly have a more palatable demeanor than spluttering Donald Trump, and on the surface seem logical and well-reasoned. But keep in mind that�the whole premise of Libertarianism is less government. A lot less government. On social issues, this means no laws against�same-sex marriage or�abortion; the legalization of prostitution, and�the elimination of all drug laws. Libertarians also believe that not only should gun sales and�ownership not be controlled by law, but that�an armed citizenry is essential for�protection from domestic and foreign�threats.

When it comes to immigration, the Libertarian stance is, predictably�not more laws, but fewer. The official web site states that "to argue that illegal immigration is bad merely because it is illegal avoids the threshold question of whether we should prohibit this kind of immigration in the first place." The party's�proposed plan is to create a guest worker program and to merely fine and tax�workers currently working illegally�in the�US, while allowing them to stay, albeit on probation. The rationalization is that the US needs the workers, and the additional money thrown at "securing the border" has had little effect, so�legalizing illegal immigration will save money, frustration, and government resources.


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